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Overview of noun pass

The noun pass has 16 senses (first 7 from tagged texts)

1. (6) base on balls, walk, pass -- ((baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls; "he worked the pitcher for a base on balls")
2. (3) pass -- ((military) a written leave of absence; "he had a pass for three days")
3. (2) pass, passing play, passing game, passing -- ((American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammate; "the coach sent in a passing play on third and long")
4. (1) pass, mountain pass, notch -- (the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks; "we got through the pass before it started to snow")
5. (1) pass, passport -- (any authorization to pass or go somewhere; "the pass to visit had a strict time limit")
6. (1) pass, laissez passer -- (a document indicating permission to do something without restrictions; "the media representatives had special passes")
7. (1) pass -- (a flight or run by an aircraft over a target; "the plane turned to make a second pass")
8. pass, strait, straits -- (a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs)
9. pass, head, straits -- (a difficult juncture; "a pretty pass"; "matters came to a head yesterday")
10. pass -- (one complete cycle of operations (as by a computer); "it was not possible to complete the computation in a single pass")
11. bye, pass -- (you advance to the next round in a tournament without playing an opponent; "he had a bye in the first round")
12. pass, liberty chit -- (a permit to enter or leave a military installation; "he had to show his pass in order to get out")
13. pass -- (a complimentary ticket; "the star got passes for his family")
14. crack, fling, go, pass, whirl, offer -- (a usually brief attempt; "he took a crack at it"; "I gave it a whirl")
15. pass, toss, flip -- ((sports) the act of throwing the ball to another member of your team; "the pass was fumbled")
16. passing, pass, qualifying -- (success in satisfying a test or requirement; "his future depended on his passing that test"; "he got a pass in introductory chemistry")

Overview of verb pass

The verb pass has 25 senses (first 19 from tagged texts)

1. (32) pass, go through, go across -- (go across or through; "We passed the point where the police car had parked"; "A terrible thought went through his mind")
2. (31) travel by, pass by, surpass, go past, go by, pass -- (move past; "A black limousine passed by when she looked out the window"; "He passed his professor in the hall"; "One line of soldiers surpassed the other")
3. (29) legislate, pass -- (make laws, bills, etc. or bring into effect by legislation; "They passed the amendment"; "We cannot legislate how people spend their free time")
4. (17) elapse, lapse, pass, slip by, glide by, slip away, go by, slide by, go along -- (pass by; "three years elapsed")
5. (13) pass, hand, reach, pass on, turn over, give -- (place into the hands or custody of; "hand me the spoon, please"; "Turn the files over to me, please"; "He turned over the prisoner to his lawyers")
6. (8) run, go, pass, lead, extend -- (stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point; "Service runs all the way to Cranbury"; "His knowledge doesn't go very far"; "My memory extends back to my fourth year of life"; "The facts extend beyond a consideration of her personal assets")
7. (8) pass, overtake, overhaul -- (travel past; "The sports car passed all the trucks")
8. (7) happen, hap, go on, pass off, occur, pass, fall out, come about, take place -- (come to pass; "What is happening?"; "The meeting took place off without an incidence"; "Nothing occurred that seemed important")
9. (4) pass, clear -- (go unchallenged; be approved; "The bill cleared the House")
10. (3) spend, pass -- (pass time in a specific way; "how are you spending your summer vacation?")
11. (3) guide, run, draw, pass -- (pass over, across, or through; "He ran his eyes over her body"; "She ran her fingers along the carved figurine"; "He drew her hair through his fingers")
12. (3) communicate, pass on, pass, pass along, put across -- (transmit information ; "Please communicate this message to all employees"; "pass along the good news")
13. (3) evanesce, fade, blow over, pass off, fleet, pass -- (disappear gradually; "The pain eventually passed off")
14. (2) pass, make it -- (go successfully through a test or a selection process; "She passed the new Jersey Bar Exam and can practice law now")
15. (1) exceed, transcend, overstep, pass, go past, top -- (be superior or better than some standard; "She exceeded our expectations"; "She topped her performance of last year")
16. (1) pass -- (accept or judge as acceptable; "The teacher passed the student although he was weak")
17. (1) pass -- (allow to go without comment or censure; "the insult passed as if unnoticed")
18. (1) pass -- (transfer to another; of rights or property; "Our house passed under his official control")
19. (1) sink, pass, lapse -- (pass into a specified state or condition; "He sank into nirvana")
20. pass -- (throw (a ball) to another player; "Smith passed")
21. fall, return, pass, devolve -- (be inherited by; "The estate fell to my sister"; "The land returned to the family"; "The estate devolved to an heir that everybody had assumed to be dead")
22. pass, make pass -- (cause to pass; "She passed around the plates")
23. authorize, authorise, pass, clear -- (grant authorization or clearance for; "Clear the manuscript for publication"; "The rock star never authorized this slanderous biography")
24. die, decease, perish, go, exit, pass away, expire, pass, kick the bucket, cash in one's chips, buy the farm, conk, give-up the ghost, drop dead, pop off, choke, croak, snuff it -- (pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life; "She died from cancer"; "The children perished in the fire"; "The patient went peacefully"; "The old guy kicked the bucket at the age of 102")
25. excrete, egest, eliminate, pass -- (eliminate from the body; "Pass a kidney stone")

Overview of adj pass

The adj pass has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

1. passing, pass -- (of advancing the ball by throwing it; "a team with a good passing attack"; "a pass play")


    Consonant domains

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    • pass.be The Pass, a whole world of experiences ! Museum of science, activities in family, with the school, in group. Exhibitions and workshops for children about sciences. - The Pass Presentation of the Pass, the interactive museum of sciences located at Frameries, close to Mons, in the middle of a garden of 28 ha. Activities by type of public, description of the exhibitions, animations, films and of the garden.
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