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Domain splitted by words: tomatoSenseSense
Overview of noun tomato

The noun tomato has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts)

1. (2) tomato -- (mildly acid red or yellow pulpy fruit eaten as a vegetable)
2. tomato, love apple, tomato plant, Lycopersicon esculentum -- (native to South America; widely cultivated in many varieties)
tomatoes toesSenseSense
Overview of noun toe

The noun toe has 4 senses (first 2 from tagged texts)

1. (13) toe -- (one of the digits of the foot)
2. (2) toe -- (the part of footwear that provides a covering for the toes)
3. toe -- (forepart of a hoof)
4. toe -- ((golf) the part of a clubhead farthest from the shaft)

Overview of verb toe

The verb toe has 5 senses (no senses from tagged texts)

1. toe -- (walk so that the toes assume an indicated position or direction; "She toes inwards")
2. toe, toenail -- (drive obliquely; "toe a nail")
3. toe -- (hit (a golf ball) with the toe of the club)
4. toe -- (drive (a golf ball) with the toe of the club)
5. toe -- (touch with the toe)


    Consonant domains

    • tomato.ae tomato.ae
    • tomato.asia tomato network management tomato.asia
    • tomato.at tomato.at
    • tomatoes.asia tomatoes.asia: The Leading Tomato Site on the Net tomatoes.asia
    • tomatoes.be tomatoes.be - de beste bron van informatie over Tomatoes. tomatoes.be is uw eerste en beste bron voor informatie over Tomatoes . Hier vindt u ook interessante algemene informatie. We hopen dat u vindt wat u zoekt!
    • tomatoes.biz Tomatoes Tomatoes
    • toes.at toes.at toes.at
    • toes.be toes.be
    • toes.biz toes.biz toes.biz

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    • 3tomatoeslv.com. 3600 IN A
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    • 3tomatoeslv.com. 86400 IN SOA ns1.parklogic.com. hostmaster.3tomatoeslv.com. 2014021500 16384 2048 1048576 2560
    • 3tomatoeslv.com. 86400 IN NS ns2.parklogic.com.
    • 3tomatoeslv.com. 86400 IN NS ns3.parklogic.com.
    • 3tomatoeslv.com. 86400 IN NS ns1.parklogic.com.

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