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Binär adresse1010101.1101.10001101.101110.
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Hosting-Standort Germany
Hosting organisationNeue Medien Muennich GmbH
Domain-Namen durch worte gespaltetmania
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    abramar.com.br Abramar - Grupo Abramar : Imóveis SCGrupo Abramar : Imóveis SC | Casas e Aptos em Itajaí, Navegantes, Blumenau e Lages. O Grupo Abramar trabalha no lançamento de casas e apartamentos em Itajaí, Navegantes, Lages e Blumenau. Confira toda a qualidade de acabamento e os diferenciais do Grupo Abramar com relação ao Urbanismo Social.   Ver Imóveis
    abramar.es Abramar (English) Abramar is an award winning, high growth residential real estate developer, with complementary disciplines in technology, impact investment, and design, pioneering Social Urbanism™

Abramar is developing a number of mixed use urban communities in various cities affecting the lives of thousands of residents and expects to begin developing more communities in 2013. Concurrently it is creating innovative technology and designs for the construction industry and its own projects, providing scalable positive impact in the cities it develops and maximizing the value of over R$ 50 million in investment by its principals and a variety of small and large, local and international investors.

Abramar's projects are audited by Deloitte LLP and have received an A- credit rating from Austin Rating and obtained GERIC from Caixa. Through Abramar's innovative approach to design and execution, and with an emphasis on IT, planning and controls, it builds the highest quality housing at competitive prices while rem

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    • md5: a5652955c7e4dd2d4cd5fcbaca73fba9
    • sha1: e422331220da3e6107f700a017db2484769fe608
    • sha224: 43ef4e26b80acd69cf96fc249938c67fb93f5ac6b9addb75c2ae83c4
    • sha256: a81fdcac6f41b6768067e58300ad2bb331734798cc26e2f5944bc35553ca1e82
    • sha384: c166ce578a137a31ddd1ffbb61f3c252ed49fc2fc0b490fdd63c80678e8445e3a715d3e930931ad6d1b6114328f98c09
    • sha512: f674aa11d41a7e0913d5105cc139e7f9a89f5e489cf731ba7510735bce95a38dd730f2b96195de0c9792e60c79c140b427d7e684d62a56b10a2de0273949c42d
    • ripemd128: 3d8b71f087973283d1316ad933ad0353
    • ripemd160: 70d343262f1320cc80b3324b01aab61e46db2bb5
    • ripemd256: 2803724af105a318da4a6158cfbcad4791ea4e7e3e5260394ea2fba4e1294a26
    • ripemd320: b298acc4c84e479fa2e2432958ef6292618200f8ce50f73312ef400a78d869204646a4dbb5dc3d4c
    • whirlpool: 346414092715d6b9ba43c7f970123ab5316ceca5250cebee72c86d095e2b169496fe59b3c299f11d6fe42f4398c2e60236a8588dd52fb079e8056bc964ae813a
    • tiger128,3: 247fbe7106b09626dabd5ccc0c7e8eed
    • tiger160,3: 247fbe7106b09626dabd5ccc0c7e8eedfeeef4f4
    • tiger192,3: 247fbe7106b09626dabd5ccc0c7e8eedfeeef4f4f6889818
    • tiger128,4: 273b6608b699d990626aa87ce1bc6f74
    • tiger160,4: 273b6608b699d990626aa87ce1bc6f7499e7427c
    • tiger192,4: 273b6608b699d990626aa87ce1bc6f7499e7427c36970fa9
    • snefru: 2f4d36122a5748c0307727900c380cad4ac22e62b5eda39e2df13dd8f6ba0b66
    • snefru256: 2f4d36122a5748c0307727900c380cad4ac22e62b5eda39e2df13dd8f6ba0b66
    • gost: b326bc043f1d4b5c89bb3be421951eab0a905aca0d6d444d5f0e0fdc08588c97
    • adler32: 1e960494
    • crc32: 02b480c0
    • crc32b: 34cd4066
    • fnv132: 1fce927e
    • fnv164: e6da1125bea0487e
    • joaat: d0354d44
    • haval128,3: db6776858bc72dd29913d22923c14740
    • haval160,3: e02a929df0b6f1abf776008473887c36250f6a4f
    • haval192,3: 389b80fc7c3509bf6c24bfe486b3231a31447106cf74152f
    • haval224,3: 40279cddc6b97e225ffae0e190b8c7d3c03ac9010270b65777dd7e24
    • haval256,3: d4263f23f33c780b2b5f28de509257d6228b2f444393d39487ab5979121b881d
    • haval128,4: 5dde8812c04527a4c5873936be74af6b
    • haval160,4: dfbfb4ecd9284b54d9c1cf642544f88ba3b71a0e
    • haval192,4: ee85e44cdfcebce8699d1a5dc32fcb6cd800c7b9c451a57d
    • haval224,4: 223d8ec1d14326b5d90d2a3be11667c330577ac480ecd7d5a5c97edd
    • haval256,4: c8d452a75bcb2fcd2a5bcfb8dd6370d20842271afc43cc8075d4eaa9b9cbd497
    • haval128,5: b74ea8234c5219a077c6a4672c6c7513
    • haval160,5: 1b1cf296f12fce68a28c311dc49c86f06239a598
    • haval192,5: e83961010b272d43539f2b20a0fa13523c24acab4b72f32d
    • haval224,5: bddaede3524fbe2112c8d91625608100c6ce39608e49a25941a92f03
    • haval256,5: edab264c4c3c7b566b38f5680ec03a54a65100e3f2699ad5590ceff53791b342

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