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Domain name splitted by words: AmazonSenseSense

The noun * has 4 senses
1. *, virago -- (a large strong and aggressive woman)
2. Amazon -- ((Greek mythology) one of a nation of women warriors of Scythia (who burned off the right breast in order to use a bow and arrow more effectively))
3. Amazon, Amazon River -- (a major South American river; arises in the Andes and flows eastward into the South Atlantic; the world's 2nd longest river (4000 miles))
4. * -- (mainly green tropical American parrots)

The verb * has 1 sense
1. bury, entomb, inhume, *, lay to rest -- (place in a grave or tomb; "Stalin was buried behind the Kremlin wall on Red Square"; "The pharaohs were entombed in the pyramids"; "My grandfather was laid to rest last Sunday")


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    • md2: c0e496f0ce1ea324065e2f731678c06f
    • md4: f1f304197241bee370bdf2b9149d8b2b
    • md5: a70c90c195381efda84fa364364482b6
    • sha1: f95851316ea54eae1285626e59ab4622118b452d
    • sha224: bbe346655910a38ed200705d4d748ceea527149b1f4ada3c45071a60
    • sha256: 65d413c14308637b0ac760205f5f3b8827deb2cfc25dced72f2ec36106c4ece6
    • sha384: 2bbe3e365e477587a920f35177fc190712ec6bb3052298f804d466c7f309b2f6f0682711baab8cc96e7ecb0f744895f6
    • sha512: 4d6f4005c2cf0ce53aa32fce8e1074359a6bc476dc38db00e9290338557acf8705b35c3253591a70952fb29fdc20d92d225186099857f8d041b11f86469048b6
    • ripemd128: 203795efe7f46fcd4e680f589f008929
    • ripemd160: 48c397465012f90049ae6e03b6ce3275b560032d
    • ripemd256: b84bc6fc0390143637532735c56a5020f14290193a4a089168f0fd5b4a5feb95
    • ripemd320: ac3c51f915297b9f081b6fc38d631d54593da84bd85eea675bacb1b367d5ddb35222f11710f131a6
    • whirlpool: 33d35b03b29e446e5fce7889ea947fe3871f8d3a8b6fa230db916568af1db237a8485ee49edad5c4613b6ae08a146b27a2177b2bd127cef99f443766fb3dcd15
    • tiger128,3: 717777c4f5615b21c93ee10cd630c174
    • tiger160,3: 717777c4f5615b21c93ee10cd630c1748735b374
    • tiger192,3: 717777c4f5615b21c93ee10cd630c1748735b374fd095516
    • tiger128,4: dc354ede7af1a049fdbebb8966cf51ca
    • tiger160,4: dc354ede7af1a049fdbebb8966cf51ca0547e72c
    • tiger192,4: dc354ede7af1a049fdbebb8966cf51ca0547e72c97cd4242
    • snefru: d640f237e0405a3ccd0777e569a42ab4c05d5ff6257f2b9664b536facc36d828
    • snefru256: d640f237e0405a3ccd0777e569a42ab4c05d5ff6257f2b9664b536facc36d828
    • gost: 5ee4c51467e04ca02e53517ee00339fb137a62dfed147a81fea96cfacc71ca99
    • adler32: 3f4a06e8
    • crc32: 4c326f99
    • crc32b: c2c6de6d
    • fnv132: 60d7299e
    • fnv164: b13b442d17ca0f9e
    • joaat: e69324b5
    • haval128,3: 4b127582999a7998de99a003749cffe3
    • haval160,3: 550d342032cc7bde6a85b9e3c47ce01922a216ad
    • haval192,3: 710bb87b32be47e474c71d4e6d88833bf5b535e5cbf6aee1
    • haval224,3: 8db796d9838155086a76417ca7ae075d18d668cacf1119d53d44bd18
    • haval256,3: 816ef4a4bc5d7f330af2aa374dbdae6ede5113399cfd6444eb2ff4f6ab504b1b
    • haval128,4: 277cacd1e8fff0bf143d92317ed47596
    • haval160,4: c3ba8b24b79f0e8ed0b9b89dfd56fbdd0aa0bc11
    • haval192,4: 8d54e337c0247f5f186b4612d29cfcaac06887192c7cab3b
    • haval224,4: 99a681426540280bcfc558fdb6b2914763d4b92781a865f2e9ad73af
    • haval256,4: f9af3c01af970fcf087ca9e55c1919d04406438c526229d115b864392b4627e9
    • haval128,5: 5e4c97d2432015d38fbb38d384a46fd5
    • haval160,5: 11f7c5343436041783d26f5fd099e161ba9062a6
    • haval192,5: 858c9cfbca328e03703d1c3f39be04301d38baa2b172e2aa
    • haval224,5: 10a2c10bf7d43b75aa8e9312a20a2731605f1943015f7d1882b5ffdc
    • haval256,5: fcbed3b5eb81c2c2bf36a892e22cdbd81a9eb63142498793f7aa7df60356dd14

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