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    • JTA Gruppen ApS Joomla! - dynamisk portalløsning og content management system

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    • 21599 IN NS
    • 21599 IN MX 100
    • 2559 IN SOA 2014121001 40000 20000 1500000 86400
    • 21599 IN A

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    • md2: 8d44074b3ce0e8beae5df47ab8c2eaf5
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    • md5: ce379ae0f528830372baecdb1ea36f05
    • sha1: 73e4b195066ae7a1d38584c62c5a6c8a21bd1fc4
    • sha224: 0284f54e7ff833c777473390b2e03573c213965191a4605f5b2c2417
    • sha256: 324840d69e6d267cba9c87e468a8f6cf5d813b5a7142c1e0be3686feab24d2ea
    • sha384: 422b8c1cc48d3635be3529c27dbf396d7bce1e6ea37dc9d362761aae4d9cd59ffe6d083e71993e35aca3dae0c515f8b8
    • sha512: 0bc60cec8795f89adf1c484969e583bb8cdfcaee9d715f5fed6b04ae72b464c6a2349ef3975c8515a3828233f2a3af5a69714f109bf49e391b0f47b286599159
    • ripemd128: 424d486bbef0f8a64a732026a3c03125
    • ripemd160: cb5b29938e2dd3af1c05ceec3bd52c7156861bbc
    • ripemd256: 85f5275e2e243d3172d1affab1e681a6a016696e758f4c01f1ea8b9b531509f1
    • ripemd320: 44834e7966e81ae37e232f8aad94fe250b1b45eb4bec1bbe0af773e9d27a89aa9286fbd9d5b585da
    • whirlpool: ae67d56ea2010338b56d8e9096fb70ff17b27b0320942d3f2ad98b7ca8f2db63aca197d945aeacac01a8561befabcbcfdd14be6ccc268be3458a2cc2a5b40cd2
    • tiger128,3: b72dc3798cca440844fe05784b4e0e05
    • tiger160,3: b72dc3798cca440844fe05784b4e0e05bffd8429
    • tiger192,3: b72dc3798cca440844fe05784b4e0e05bffd842972d08c24
    • tiger128,4: cd697baa494284fe01982d3fc5dfa9fe
    • tiger160,4: cd697baa494284fe01982d3fc5dfa9fe81df4345
    • tiger192,4: cd697baa494284fe01982d3fc5dfa9fe81df4345bfbff789
    • snefru: 3d82c17077f301f8712c07a9994fc23e4a02dfb5e1f9a3588acd85757d3106dd
    • snefru256: 3d82c17077f301f8712c07a9994fc23e4a02dfb5e1f9a3588acd85757d3106dd
    • gost: 0fb669c77c1fc121cfe40ee543bbad0a5d5d37ac10eb5a1a0d7511d6d5e17465
    • adler32: 0f500313
    • crc32: 69f8515c
    • crc32b: 962db1cf
    • fnv132: 0f5035a5
    • fnv164: b95dda16c5895145
    • joaat: 878340d0
    • haval128,3: 32b5dacdb8957790aa332916682eb2ba
    • haval160,3: 9986685b7d70cc3199341de2a50249d4e0adf860
    • haval192,3: e5585927ecae5d9f438e8544126f6eca6873d46ff2486393
    • haval224,3: 72dd4b73766c3628401c7f16347eaf86cf2db5e5f15420c7f55b556e
    • haval256,3: 8bd5a23ac381235c56f29daa9cea5f8fe225e23cefe7f046d4e5b6166e1857e4
    • haval128,4: 7a8f2e330a0829eb21b2f0d7f97fea0d
    • haval160,4: 2371522d90c32dd0d0d408e0f235b01c544c8ce4
    • haval192,4: f369a04daaa470c1422e76af4db4ff0daa7f1241be64e18b
    • haval224,4: 01b8ab4d037dd92fe9ffa186a2ec76cadd72632fd7671576da1be9dd
    • haval256,4: 2cea1df44a131316b63093a392658cdf0d8bb749257cf03925758bba5c15dfaa
    • haval128,5: 453fbc89dd1e9143c0754922dd9aed98
    • haval160,5: b937472bd28ac2f58f72713bb1f18a1010f717c4
    • haval192,5: e5d996b02d8e32c2d940e5098c6bb7103607e917e6d31d5c
    • haval224,5: aea6bb0ff62dd655318c47a5f29c8f727507d05958d25054c95d030a
    • haval256,5: 3b9170c269e781ed9d3117ee54adbc347490c2aab3e08edc7a4db33482a7482c

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