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Hosted in Virgin Islands, British 00 Road Town by Confluence Networks

Prefix is dekstra, top level domain is .net


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    • serviceSenseSense
      Overview of noun service

      The noun service has 15 senses (first 6 from tagged texts)

      1. (24) service -- (work done by one person or group that benefits another; "budget separately for goods and services")
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      3. (5) service, religious service, divine service -- (the act of public worship following prescribed rules; "the Sunday service")
      4. (4) service -- (a company or agency that performs a public service; subject to government regulation)
      5. (3) service -- (employment in or work for another; "he retired after 30 years of service")
      6. (2) military service, armed service, service -- (a force that is a branch of the armed forces)
      7. Service, Robert William Service -- (Canadian writer (born in England) who wrote about life in the Yukon Territory (1874-1958))
      8. avail, help, service -- (a means of serving; "of no avail"; "there's no help for it")
      9. service, table service -- (tableware consisting of a complete set of articles (silver or dishware) for use at table)
      10. servicing, service -- (the act of mating by male animals; "the bull was worth good money in servicing fees")
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    • ######. 299 IN A
    • ######. 299 IN TXT "v=spf1 a -all"
    • ######. 299 IN PTR
    • ######. 299 IN SOA 2011062801 3600 900 604800 86400
    • ######. 299 IN NS
    • ######. 299 IN NS

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    • adler32: 1aa10464
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    • haval256,5: 1f8e0500898e6383c94a59070e64dd4ed0fbec3587576c1255efe33f8adcfae4

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