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Domain splitted by words: primSenseSense
Overview of verb prim

The verb prim has 3 senses (no senses from tagged texts)

1. prim -- (assume a prim appearance; "They mince and prim")
2. prim -- (contract one's lips; "She primmed her lips after every bite of food")
3. prim, prim up, prim out -- (dress primly)

Overview of adj prim

The adj prim has 2 senses (no senses from tagged texts)

1. dainty, mincing, niminy-piminy, prim, twee -- (affectedly dainty or refined)
2. priggish, prim, prissy, prudish, puritanical, square-toed, straitlaced, strait-laced, straightlaced, straight-laced, tight-laced, victorian -- (exaggeratedly proper; "my straitlaced Aunt Anna doesn't approve of my miniskirts")
Overview of adj most

The adj most has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts)

1. (76) most -- ((superlative of `many' used with count nouns and often preceded by `the') quantifier meaning the greatest in number; "who has the most apples?"; "most people like eggs"; "most fishes have fins")
2. (26) most -- (the superlative of `much' that can be used with mass nouns and is usually preceded by `the'; a quantifier meaning the greatest in amount or extent or degree; "made the most money he could"; "what attracts the most attention?"; "made the most of a bad deal")

Overview of adv most

The adv most has 3 senses (first 3 from tagged texts)

1. (180) most, to the highest degree -- (used to form the superlative; "the king cobra is the most dangerous snake")
2. (63) most -- (very; "a most welcome relief")
3. (1) about, almost, most, nearly, near, nigh, virtually, well-nigh -- ((of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but; "the job is (just) about done"; "the baby was almost asleep when the alarm sounded"; "we're almost finished"; "the car all but ran her down"; "he nearly fainted"; "talked for nigh onto 2 hours"; "the recording is well-nigh perfect"; "virtually all the parties signed the contract"; "I was near exhausted by the run"; "most everyone agrees")


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    • eprimo-strom.de. 21599 IN SOA a.ns14.net. info.compea.de. 2008102701 39940 14400 604800 86400
    • eprimo-strom.de. 21599 IN NS b.ns14.net.
    • eprimo-strom.de. 21599 IN NS d.ns14.net.
    • eprimo-strom.de. 21599 IN A
    • eprimo-strom.de. 21599 IN NS a.ns14.net.
    • eprimo-strom.de. 21599 IN NS c.ns14.net.

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    • sha384: 6a913a61811066eaf1546d1207fe84aec185076f4eb07eff3b53d6a31d227f48c682ac58031ef8feba8676f870e2da0f
    • sha512: 6feb75a33302da2d57a9a47b09567052de81c9cf80817ac2b321ec1469d7c654408d4424e27c7e040bf9a1afa1908483720190bf003d7eb6b1a4171ece9dec83
    • ripemd128: 7d26557d11aefa1877a4b77bbc23264b
    • ripemd160: be278dd7c725884e890f91199966d76c8dc123d2
    • ripemd256: f74164b8eea8a83d1e65efe8bd24238fd68db35e91ec25cbaea788b46e95016d
    • ripemd320: 4917cd80bcdfe88126342c888a41c660a082eb3936759049064e2b684a686089c38fd01d00374b07
    • whirlpool: 6a356e8084bdea616953a0ecf69aff95edadb3dbba85ca5a0d926630da5106bd8fc43d512a41d84802e4004cb52120f9736bc9d57a02305d95822fa82a84910c
    • tiger128,3: 60abaa42093e403dd19d70f4b2d2cf1f
    • tiger160,3: 60abaa42093e403dd19d70f4b2d2cf1f5f9915d9
    • tiger192,3: 60abaa42093e403dd19d70f4b2d2cf1f5f9915d9915787cd
    • tiger128,4: 844d0585f803ea39909615bdac6fa8bd
    • tiger160,4: 844d0585f803ea39909615bdac6fa8bdb72f582c
    • tiger192,4: 844d0585f803ea39909615bdac6fa8bdb72f582c42501554
    • snefru: 24b6c4d616c54b813267d81aede8e865473666dd996713059371a730806e007e
    • snefru256: 24b6c4d616c54b813267d81aede8e865473666dd996713059371a730806e007e
    • gost: 840f5fe4ec2e3e9bb6e5a0df6129db5d97e000aa0670f31bf17a9f6c010777c6
    • adler32: 307005e6
    • crc32: 68f94573
    • crc32b: 4be264f7
    • fnv132: c865baf2
    • fnv164: 99e1b5b0340950f2
    • joaat: 974abd46
    • haval128,3: aee36e2d7a0b301efde05d07254cff19
    • haval160,3: fe4a7cb5d45107b1b81924a82caa9f53f405e845
    • haval192,3: df59491269fd9c4a071f974145931bc827543c7d5db72756
    • haval224,3: 01529e01b2316f795c2dddff440c35f120b28d8e7893565b52b5462e
    • haval256,3: 36f4dc3586f37deac4c1b913ace7393bfa05bdf79b57a2372e4410e671fc1b9f
    • haval128,4: 52fc541c7c469eebb11cbcc6e08b6733
    • haval160,4: 5415379fa90cee8841f275649f512db2c1f75b0f
    • haval192,4: 559d21e19ee9fbc5b14dfffd7e09d130a3b3a36ee1be005e
    • haval224,4: 1924698e612542655fe6075d030e49836b26ae39681ba708fe14c9b5
    • haval256,4: c5bba917d1c2cf2417d84096c7c525e1fffc4897504045961ad484860afbcdde
    • haval128,5: af5db428a95f38cbf500c0069a444f88
    • haval160,5: c6cab7a17bef1aafa22aa075fb520b2c398983c6
    • haval192,5: 082bcf04c67a26573cdc2d590bd64c50fc23346a91df1bae
    • haval224,5: a8884d81dd7e47fa0cc4d8a9d121ab8bd63265a35f8b0e45989a56ad
    • haval256,5: 2bab1b6f28576df96bb644338eb1631186c2c6a6d380dbc8b8f438a5615029fc

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