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      DNS Records

      • exgfs18.com. 3599 IN MX 12032 mail.b-io.co.
      • exgfs18.com. 299 IN TXT "bio=c9f92f9de8ca3ec93700bd23c5d9a3aa25623b17"
      • exgfs18.com. 299 IN NS ns41.rookdns.com.
      • exgfs18.com. 299 IN SOA ns41.rookdns.com. rmgdns111.gmail.com. 2011101001 3600 900 604800 86400
      • exgfs18.com. 299 IN A
      • exgfs18.com. 299 IN NS ns42.rookdns.com.
      • exgfs18.com. 299 IN PTR ns41.rookdns.com.

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      • base64: ZXhnZnMxOC5jb20=
      • md2: 4256190a47ec0af8e463e1bb485cfd90
      • md4: a11d646a615a9fe56abb5d4d09da88dd
      • md5: 9927d460d736f0d46bf162e075acd40c
      • sha1: 792c6cb8cc728f124906f14329bddcf2536b7765
      • sha224: 3260b3a7b042fa99f8941ad0d56d480c412a9896dcf1d916c092d48a
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      • sha384: 93286b674dbb71e23e036d00b9baa427c2ffdf955355c775f2af482c06f0c5335af075aa222c411e2336032a90835b80
      • sha512: 1bd97c9184667295090c4067c6cb7a0812be3a760d850aa5b45fefb5caf9aba15bd154c02765ead0c6ceb907268e028a37f5a1b4fb019fdc636a27c535574b41
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      • adler32: 187003f4
      • crc32: aada6735
      • crc32b: d9f121ab
      • fnv132: bd955bea
      • fnv164: 540de74fc9124e2a
      • joaat: 267620d8
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