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Domain added to database 12 January (Monday) 2009
Site safeYes
Domain countryUnknown
Domain cityUnknown
Domain organizationCentar Novih Tehnologija d.o.o.
IPv4 address89.216.58.26
Proper address1507342874
Hex address0x59.0xd8.0x3a.0x1a.
Binary address1011001.11011000.111010.11010.
IP address assigned byripencc RIPENCC(RS)
Domains on same ip17
Hosting location Serbia
Hosting organizationSerbia BroadBand-Srpske Kablovske mreze d.o.o.
Server statusOnline
Domain name splitted by wordsgemes-roses gemes roses
NameGEMES-ROSES - Introduction
Specificationrose-trees, rose-growers, gardeners, farmstead, stand, expanded, wquipment park, kompetent, planting of saplings, plants, cultivate with their permission, put on the market, supply, development, rose damascena, container, wet peat, young rose-grower, international contacts, companies wich improve roses, licenced roses, whole saters, garding retails shops, landscape gardeners, lovers of garden plants, professional challenges, growing this plant, professional assistance, guaranted buyer-ups
Child safetyYes
Site languageenglish
Soundex indexG526
Metaphone indexJMSRSSKM



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    • different
    • control
    • growing
    • gallery
    • roses
    • partners
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    • attention
    • introduction
    • packing
    • trees
    • gemes
    • sentã
    • istvan
    • poulsen
    • roser
    • smernicaportal

    DNS records 2010080502 7200 1800 4838400 28800

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    • base64: Z2VtZXMtcm9zZXMuY29t
    • md2: 135fc20e0ac303185db311d35598826e
    • md4: 684364e5cc5acb7edb33e2e07cf6ed3c
    • md5: bb928215d05a422fcb4a3e46a043556a
    • sha1: 3ab90c13b68eadaacc491e4a61b47d1ed1f5eac8
    • sha224: 7c6bc0ce03f0e49338115048d7117a7529a408eab98b4c588e350bc2
    • sha256: 8217bb37aee6fc205955885a193bd90356f3d448f0b30d93188536d8fc62f531
    • sha384: c82665fd62dda4d1282c8be9fd1f2d1fa2b4e087a4b5ae6b6bfcbb013bfe101a6694394b7b1509b348474cfd35f12f47
    • sha512: b0cf2852634156a5fd7a2b6c2e6a7751e6e6f8ec307ac0d209f7401863970eba43f52b6c72b23b5fb685de70e4f4de0fa7807a796f96818dee7467bce1656707
    • ripemd128: 9dcdc9e95e4fc598bdffc545dac6fa52
    • ripemd160: 86985b859fcd7dc494f97ffd34894ff837313e23
    • ripemd256: b00c77f8ae251c0ce2a7313bd36a990b5794d4c61d211ff61f16d12f18fab3f7
    • ripemd320: a0f290bdfe0007e36cdce0bbeac8162dd59f200f736f746aa541ff288ae3b9e9527c6f707d714670
    • whirlpool: 3b51c100a8d0efeb4e64face7b3fb5bfebc75dd1e464db5c3c6e1c248388608c5c67ee3a094b1e6ea483df085ae525558d3005835d31a9a2c62b7593c75486df
    • tiger128,3: f4173f6599528dd4bdcd65b11f433eab
    • tiger160,3: f4173f6599528dd4bdcd65b11f433eabf2222073
    • tiger192,3: f4173f6599528dd4bdcd65b11f433eabf22220731cbb96e1
    • tiger128,4: feb4652ebdf517d4fde13110200e3567
    • tiger160,4: feb4652ebdf517d4fde13110200e3567953d0158
    • tiger192,4: feb4652ebdf517d4fde13110200e3567953d01585b07e36f
    • snefru: cbf88f80cf5030b1bc36c6e8acb3bb0f576fbc0d2fb0ea0dcdbbba8706cdb343
    • snefru256: cbf88f80cf5030b1bc36c6e8acb3bb0f576fbc0d2fb0ea0dcdbbba8706cdb343
    • gost: 69592e95bd7ddabeef00bdd73d23b54062bf017305ef9abae1ecc68e9a513e76
    • adler32: 2efe05d8
    • crc32: 09ec39a9
    • crc32b: 1590e50d
    • fnv132: 24ac7d34
    • fnv164: d24f689525b8c174
    • joaat: 1b072c6f
    • haval128,3: 58300c29bd4956fff3aee786efd9cce2
    • haval160,3: 8e386e12f7200cf39ccb74e143f6856edc23c4e2
    • haval192,3: 3d4c1eb3f1e25c0b1322a90a3b1b56a10ebde0575a73edbc
    • haval224,3: bceec82e278899801fdb162ceb651248231059e0e436405806fe7eb6
    • haval256,3: 0e32809bfbb4da388521ccbe621bccdd781e615ae7a733414c3ac99435958d1d
    • haval128,4: f99182f066a74ced124d1197544a7088
    • haval160,4: cba60cd96697b4ce2c1ecc8e40e9a08ac87d6343
    • haval192,4: dcfff4cf6ac58bca28061488642736755060f0c481fbd349
    • haval224,4: 9776016ec6efefa9d489864ffb021ac020551265e96497c4547a8506
    • haval256,4: 3308ab4c2ee416482b8b543f86cf2d79a53506035942e594e173b066d1634856
    • haval128,5: 4311f3c29d21a6e092fefa7869f81568
    • haval160,5: 7ccf2207e9c0afdf74185dc6ca4d1448ad58937d
    • haval192,5: 27c5f457f118707d71df54d9efd1c5d78e2bfeaee98efcde
    • haval224,5: 35371ab4dbbbaa24f48b066373c38c9b84e24ddf6735d5b8913b8686
    • haval256,5: c0a129e6551bcf29d9a9df1d9c9df29f2eebc5e7c6ca60bd8a7b10c9bbf2e33f

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