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Hosted in 90071 United States CA Los Angeles by Oversee.net

Prefix is harawanews, top level domain is .com

Domain splitted by words: WaneSenseSense
Overview of noun wane

The noun wane has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

1. ebb, ebbing, wane -- (a gradual decline (in size or strength or power or number))

Overview of verb wane

The verb wane has 3 senses (first 2 from tagged texts)

1. (2) decline, go down, wane -- (grow smaller; "Interest in the project waned")
2. (1) wane -- (become smaller; "Interest in his novels waned")
3. wane -- (decrease in phase; "the moon is waning")
Overview of adv anew

The adv anew has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts)

1. (3) afresh, anew -- (again but in a new or different way; "start afresh"; "wanted to write the story anew"; "starting life anew in a fresh place")
Overview of noun news

The noun news has 5 senses (first 3 from tagged texts)

1. (21) news, intelligence, tidings, word -- (information about recent and important events; "they awaited news of the outcome")
2. (17) news -- (information reported in a newspaper or news magazine; "the news of my death was greatly exaggerated")
3. (3) news program, news show, news -- (a program devoted to current events, often using interviews and commentary; "we watch the 7 o'clock news every night")
4. news -- (informal information of any kind that is not previously known to someone; "it was news to me")
5. newsworthiness, news -- (the quality of being sufficiently interesting to be reported in news bulletins; "the judge conceded the newsworthiness of the trial"; "he is no longer news in the fashion world")


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    • md5: 4f188f76802e8775e11734d32d5a19c6
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    • sha224: 888e59546ed16285ff0656da0b6a6a8e9a812295728885bfcc7f6cdc
    • sha256: 62708c6e7bab39174ab5319e7153c08342d8ccb51a2e340df27361ff96a26fa6
    • sha384: 29b0d965aba9c7763f9a7072e69f694570e7e44c917e1e80e63074152787097318fca113576c3d41d35bda0a14c27252
    • sha512: 921b83e679e0b7ad119f8d905040dd007296f5c405ed75cd82d6b4bc748a83189a4cf27d0a53fed629bb46f1c0f458a0e65ee33aaee336dc9fcd56a3695f43b0
    • ripemd128: 012e47569275da182d9d56248c8e24a9
    • ripemd160: 761885924a34d292c4644158e496bbde53dd5ae7
    • ripemd256: 04d756d6261cb853a9f11bb2934dabcee53447855624df7356a39d87aa2f697d
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    • gost: a03d8411fe6c3356cc60641a015926bc9b9d2063e446e45c5ec38f397565e796
    • adler32: 2aa5059f
    • crc32: 08492f4a
    • crc32b: d45c07c2
    • fnv132: 72976c83
    • fnv164: 3e61f25dfa400603
    • joaat: e18e1ec2
    • haval128,3: 144b6a053fbdf8f7c78bc79d7ed7eb03
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