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Domain splitted by words: je dessine SineSenseSense
Overview of noun sine

The noun sine has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

1. sine, sin -- (ratio of the length of the side opposite the given angle to the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle)

Linked phrases: Dessin A Colorier; Coloriages; Coloriage Gratuit; dessin a imprimer gratuit; jedessine formule 1; image jedessine; jedessine coloriage; jedessine com;


    Consonant domains

    Most used words:

    • aussi
    • coloriages
    • repas
    • activités
    • garçons
    • halloweenSenseSense
      Overview of noun halloween

      The noun halloween has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts)

      1. (1) Halloween, Hallowe'en, Allhallows Eve -- (the evening before All Saints' Day; often devoted to pranks played by young people)
    • fillesSenseSense
      Overview of noun fille

      The noun fille has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

      1. girl, miss, missy, young lady, young woman, fille -- (a young woman; "a young lady of 18")

      Overview of verb fill

      The verb fill has 9 senses (first 9 from tagged texts)

      1. (61) fill, fill up, make full -- (make full, also in a metaphorical sense; "fill a container"; "fill the child with pride")
      2. (12) fill, fill up -- (become full; "The pool slowly filled with water"; "The theater filled up slowly")
      3. (8) occupy, fill -- (occupy the whole of; "The liquid fills the container")
      4. (5) fill, take, occupy -- (assume, as of positions or roles; "She took the job as director of development"; "he occupies the position of manager"; "the young prince will soon occupy the throne")
      5. (5) meet, satisfy, fill, fulfill, fulfil -- (fill or meet a want or need)
      6. (1) fill -- (appoint someone to (a position or a job))
      7. (1) fill up, fill -- (eat until one is sated; "He filled up on turkey")
      8. (1) satiate, sate, replete, fill -- (fill to satisfaction; "I am sated")
      9. (1) fill -- (plug with a substance; "fill a cavity")
    • enfants
    • encoreSenseSense
      Overview of noun encore

      The noun encore has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

      1. encore -- (an extra or repeated performance; usually given in response to audience demand)

      Overview of verb encore

      The verb encore has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

      1. encore -- (request an encore, from a performer)
    • gratuits
    • cadeaux
    • imprimer
    • plein
    • dessins
    • thanksgivingSenseSense
      Overview of noun thanksgiving

      The noun thanksgiving has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts)

      1. (2) Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day -- (fourth Thursday in November in the United States; second Monday in October in Canada; commemorates a feast held in 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag)
      2. grace, blessing, thanksgiving -- (a short prayer of thanks before a meal; "their youngest son said grace")
    • idées
    • coloriage
    • colorier
    • masquesSenseSense
      Overview of noun masque

      The noun masque has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

      1. masquerade, masquerade party, masque, mask -- (a party of guests wearing costumes and masks)
    • jedessine

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    • 21599 IN SOA 2011021700 86400 3600 3600000 86400
    • 21599 IN NS
    • 21599 IN NS
    • 21599 IN A

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    • haval256,5: b0a8ddd5c0e3a58d456f0561875447e43cd3c5524c72130852cf4fc7eecc2fe7

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