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    • haval256,4: eebd0b3b472b1baee9cb8a7122fc0a0c5de5066e6eb0b528e6ffc322a878a51b
    • haval128,5: 1fb3e265c42ba83add6ea5e023143b7f
    • haval160,5: 861d3670ea13a68114b8726b9e0919f27ff7680b
    • haval192,5: e6f8346cb05231ab7497b103498c381bd054a6172def7857
    • haval224,5: e0d0b02acc738da9bdb210416e82ab08fc360d1f1b7f87d58fc017ce
    • haval256,5: f7628ab14f05b6f1fbbe1884cf5e4791f97c6e446b28cab13a02aeb8e73478f0

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