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Site safeYes
Domain countryUnknown
Domain cityUnknown
Domain organizationUnknown
Server statusOffline
Domain name splitted by wordsnovafibre nova fibre
Child safetyYes
Soundex indexN111
Metaphone indexNFFBRKM


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    • base64: bm92YWZpYnJlLmNvbQ==
    • md2: f5ade7ad4d7592b76064ad5756fa13d6
    • md4: 086e83df87fa864e2ca629af77318bb6
    • md5: a1dc3cd853005f97e3e7c31a25aafec6
    • sha1: d723a80d10d5aa6c1fadd2b50a0ac624ebedf7af
    • sha224: 6069a63ec9c6e138913b21dc013ea45022b67e126ea455a0c81c0cca
    • sha256: 30937bbd3e93979f3bcd27229d6b51992732ac0ff91bada326a3e8ff69852797
    • sha384: 462dd26a950467fa6fb3b93795a2f4046d5cfd1f73bcd87175fc3d9fe1024159396d1279c202a131c4c2989f6af7fced
    • sha512: b5dd0881015c59a54b72a6d0fc1cffa4113ba7dcf5e3219763986581df4bd8f5f7445dd6cb99d7e7324a0b770606dbf15dba6ca4dc87628daa1d9e18b8e5241b
    • ripemd128: a02379074cef4a91af373ce05976f09d
    • ripemd160: 90c149f478eadaf7cb0736d54178bbccbda4a102
    • ripemd256: 98db94ba0b1d17fa53da9bd1b2bc4008d69adaa249948a8fd4942c0fe7b69c9e
    • ripemd320: 4998d23b729918a3ae4b30e669c0e1a91e65f94741ba464bd07a04b07e37625c9166227ced7845b9
    • whirlpool: e8946718f5674763ccae81a4ee38a3d5704f9ff93125e86313127839a9d7553172aad8e4b55ccb6a3549171a3e52c4b64198725575d52358d09220a2847ef0fb
    • tiger128,3: 4551926c52946835aa135d8d6f8f5b01
    • tiger160,3: 4551926c52946835aa135d8d6f8f5b01507ea069
    • tiger192,3: 4551926c52946835aa135d8d6f8f5b01507ea06994c40e49
    • tiger128,4: 9d8451861e1168f660520c5758e09e20
    • tiger160,4: 9d8451861e1168f660520c5758e09e20e55cd703
    • tiger192,4: 9d8451861e1168f660520c5758e09e20e55cd70364ebc8aa
    • snefru: 5b2a449556eebaed14396eb7ca9f24321ff9b25760e6279591b7f032a5012c9f
    • snefru256: 5b2a449556eebaed14396eb7ca9f24321ff9b25760e6279591b7f032a5012c9f
    • gost: a8ac8dd63c86d174ae19fcde10dd46b160b4dc0fca472a0b67c2850727d6c3a6
    • adler32: 2510052a
    • crc32: b6f1c7bb
    • crc32b: b9c31997
    • fnv132: 9fd233fc
    • fnv164: f03676e9eaa8f7bc
    • joaat: a8ae0a9f
    • haval128,3: 7b763eba0ddd36840f56f9c1f411f397
    • haval160,3: 1aa058d5f5614737ec7ec206f9f6f8d6793a1eab
    • haval192,3: 4f7559ee770814e86c0fdd169cfc1f5131d41cd0ac259cd8
    • haval224,3: 738e06a1d423d30a7341f03a9edea59ad1a673c8729ebae59f630f20
    • haval256,3: b60df8894d106ab633e4a54b667bbdb1a6dfbc754f87f059b2bdcdcc5f976ef7
    • haval128,4: b9c53017951a7bb0536734579360a444
    • haval160,4: 35f0fb7340ae0a244deae61363856370771fb1df
    • haval192,4: bfa934a5f18a12c6543657a3f1f7f72fca9289b5df83ce0c
    • haval224,4: 1b44660ddb3655ea7e88f8d837f3592d2d00e5a2055d2ac792af59f1
    • haval256,4: e46bb5f4e2ee650f281ea314e7d5b91ac9dacca043331dfb79c875bbf28784b0
    • haval128,5: c5cc2c9ca873ecf8943c4ece3ad4f3b4
    • haval160,5: ecb44e918d1e8232510472cfd5769e3e019d37f1
    • haval192,5: ef487a0a3b13b70324159ce7b057e5e01c5cea5d6c54c8f9
    • haval224,5: 9e7bdf0a89762609662c9d4e0cd269163446bbfb4971473562a2d731
    • haval256,5: 5f74c70208ca2cd79bf23d2eb81dcb7856f217c7c4d7c0259743098f9210574b

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    • Home Excerpt:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​" When I was 15 years old, someone gave me a Ouija board for my birthday. Up until then, I only had a homemade board, and didn't have good results. At this age, I didn't know anything about pendulums, channeling, or automatic writing. I didn't know the Ouija Board is an ancient summoning tool that shouldn't be played with. I was absolutely delighted with it- I had played with another one as a child and I remembered having great fun with it then. I couldn't wait to try it again. All I needed was someone to assist me, but alas, I was alone.
    • ThinkProficient - Our website is comming soon.

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