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Hosted in Egypt 11 Cairo by Link Egypt

Prefix is oreedo, top level domain is .com

Domain splitted by words: ReedSenseSense
Overview of noun reed

The noun reed has 5 senses (no senses from tagged texts)

1. reed -- (tall woody perennial grasses with hollow slender stems especially of the genera Arundo and Phragmites)
2. Reed, John Reed -- (United States journalist who reported on the October Revolution from Petrograd in 1917; founded the Communist Labor Party in America in 1919; is buried in the Kremlin in Moscow (1887-1920))
3. Reed, Walter Reed -- (United States physician who proved that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes (1851-1902))
4. reed, vibrating reed -- (a vibrator consisting of a thin strip of stiff material that vibrates to produce a tone when air streams over it; "the clarinetist fitted a new reed onto his mouthpiece")
5. beating-reed instrument, reed instrument, reed -- (a musical instrument that sounds by means of a vibrating reed)


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    • md2: 6ab28c5dfc12af47ef30c2a83003a837
    • md4: 42d3687c29c0d3e6b6ab0312234fc750
    • md5: f3109542b8f75fe82e67402523527b6e
    • sha1: eedf67792d4aa6ad1f42088b3bcb49cdbfd5418a
    • sha224: ea575f164cda83cc646501bada21a91243c9334aef6c5a3a2e265ade
    • sha256: bbc47842c6bd137100fa8ffd99c4768a6dff1a76dba74321fce3b75f4fd5dfa1
    • sha384: c1596833f21984254e8d1877a7388446fc63d8afd3b16d79f5aeff5270549a6d3a54eb067441fda71f2e01669074ae27
    • sha512: d92686456061d398e4fbbd10e6dd3ac4ef2cd60520e72f0977e5d9136ec7d641f7045eb6200cd6391bbbc93935adc693d870bc44f55588908a9d11bfe6449f39
    • ripemd128: c96bf1f82ad9d1e7539a9f98ba67bcef
    • ripemd160: 5b9893eb5e00d431edc48673fb83a773f65afe49
    • ripemd256: da5f760bf838a05c6a3b4fa837f1c55ab2e1990cf34d5e3930c4b2e21d561788
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    • gost: 1a0842e18c932291c14d3b7161ea9a48ff81e43c783b562c01b66d727f238a37
    • adler32: 15fc03ec
    • crc32: e5d351f0
    • crc32b: 0fab7b6c
    • fnv132: aea3225e
    • fnv164: 7140a15dc99b72de
    • joaat: 2cd6b4a4
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