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Hosted in Russian Federation 48 Moscow by Rambler Internet Holding LLC

Domain splitted by words: RambleSenseSense
Overview of noun ramble

The noun ramble has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

1. ramble, meander -- (an aimless amble on a winding course)

Overview of verb ramble

The verb ramble has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts)

1. (2) ramble on, ramble, jog -- (continue talking or writing in a desultory manner; "This novel rambles on and jogs")
2. roll, wander, swan, stray, tramp, roam, cast, ramble, rove, range, drift, vagabond -- (move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment; "The gypsies roamed the woods"; "roving vagabonds"; "the wandering Jew"; "The cattle roam across the prairie"; "the laborers drift from one town to the next"; "They rolled from town to town")
Overview of noun rambler

The noun rambler has 2 senses (no senses from tagged texts)

1. rambler -- (a person who takes long walks in the country)
2. rambler -- (a person whose speech or writing is not well organized)
Overview of noun amble

The noun amble has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

1. amble, promenade, saunter, stroll, perambulation -- (a leisurely walk (usually in some public place))

Overview of verb amble

The verb amble has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts)

1. (2) amble, mosey -- (walk leisurely)
Overview of noun ambler

The noun ambler has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

1. saunterer, stroller, ambler -- (someone who walks at a leisurely pace)

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Site language is ukrain


    Consonant domains

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    • rambler.bg Napred.BG - Българска търсачка и начална страница Българска търсачка и начална страница Търси в: function include(obj) { var arr = ['images','youtube','vbox','zamunda','уики','wiki','imdb','data','pirate','lyrics','fb','twitter','gmail','pomagalo','читанка','subs','whois','jabse']; for(var i=0; i
    • rambler.biz rambler.biz is your first and best source for information about shopping E commerce . Here you will also find topics relating to issues of general interest. We hope you find what you are looking for!
    • rambler.by rambler.by
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    • rambler.ca rambler.ca rambler.ca
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    • rambler.club rambler.club
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    • rambler.college rambler.college
    • rambler.com Rambler.com Find E-Mail, Rambler and more at Rambler.com. Get the best of Photo Ru or Rambler.Ru, browse our section on Rambler Ru or learn about Love Znakomstva. Rambler.com is the site for E-Mail.
    • rambler.com.au rambler.com.au
    • rambler.cz rambler.cz rambler.cz

    Most used words:

    • сегодня
    • поиск
    • помощь
    • прогноз
    • реклама
    • радио
    • почта
    • вакансии
    • город
    • продукты
    • подробный
    • валют
    • погода
    • завтра
    • холдинга
    • конвертер
    • фремонт
    • анджелес
    • днемясно
    • январякурс

    DNS Records

    • rambler.ru. 3580 IN NS ns5.rambler.ru.
    • rambler.ru. 3580 IN NS ns4.rambler.ru.
    • rambler.ru. 3580 IN NS ns3.rambler.ru.
    • rambler.ru. 3580 IN NS ns2.rambler.ru.
    • rambler.ru. 3176 IN SOA nscarp1.rambler.ru. dns.rambler-co.ru. 2014021901 10800 1800 864000 3600
    • rambler.ru. 12689 IN MX 5 imx1.rambler.ru.
    • rambler.ru. 12689 IN MX 10 imx2.rambler.ru.
    • rambler.ru. 76189 IN TXT "v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: -exists:%{ir}.spf.rambler.ru -exists:%{l}.u.spf.rambler.ru ~all"
    • ns5.rambler.ru. 86390 IN A
    • ns4.rambler.ru. 86390 IN A
    • ns3.rambler.ru. 86390 IN A
    • ns2.rambler.ru. 86390 IN A
    • imx2.rambler.ru. 12689 IN A

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    • whirlpool: aee1767a567abcf96469aef642d4c6f39c8faffc97df44fbbae9d3f120f696a3655923ec26860ca636d87a6e4e8147a859853ec8b162f09d8766790b8e993c65
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    • snefru: 526dc78e5b820f616da09fd1c8a2d6e57a77f37e1877d8f9a354d338176759bd
    • snefru256: 526dc78e5b820f616da09fd1c8a2d6e57a77f37e1877d8f9a354d338176759bd
    • gost: 4e4c72f37641d2d8c307f9b8d43244afb5070129982a975b37fe0c6668f891c9
    • adler32: 162903fb
    • crc32: d8e82cc5
    • crc32b: ed8eeab4
    • fnv132: 6c2571ed
    • fnv164: 022454d4f5be256d
    • joaat: 4fa1d1ab
    • haval128,3: ee26b92a06c2a6df420d4ebf1ad41922
    • haval160,3: 0b207145b6bc002fb29ca0ad08f2209a9fa742a9
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    • haval224,4: d41a41590f378dfb413757ae1cd4314b13ebd7a129a9533d02e68074
    • haval256,4: d03263e2eaa44902552e67aa97558f4b85d4293b6af582c5da5ce49d29465049
    • haval128,5: 3c1aaa8f42a01e950700efdde007384a
    • haval160,5: aa37f2361ba0bfc926f0b657cc4f154ef7d02071
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