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The noun top has 11 senses
1. top -- (the upper part of anything; "the mower cuts off the * of the grass"; "the title should be written at the top of the first page")
2. top, top side, upper side, upside -- (the highest or uppermost side of anything; "put your books on top of the desk"; "only the top side of the box was painted")
3. peak, crown, crest, top, tip, summit -- (the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill); "the view from the peak was magnificent"; "they clambered to the tip of Monadnock"; "the region is a few molecules wide at the summit")
4. top, top of the inning -- (the first half of an inning; while the visiting team is at bat; "a relief pitcher took over in the top of the fifth")
5. acme, height, elevation, peak, pinnacle, summit, superlative, meridian, tiptop, top -- (the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development; "his landscapes were deemed the acme of beauty"; "the artist's gifts are at their acme"; "at the height of her career"; "the peak of perfection"; "summer was at its peak"; "...catapulted Einstein to the pinnacle of fame"; "the summit of his ambition"; "so many highest superlatives achieved by man"; "at the top of his profession")
6. top -- (the greatest possible intensity; "he screamed at the top of his lungs")
7. top -- (platform surrounding the head of a lower mast)
8. top, whirligig, teetotum, spinning top -- (a conical child's plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin; "he got a bright red top and string for his birthday")
9. top, cover -- (covering for a hole (especially a hole in the top of a container); "he removed the top of the carton"; "he couldn't get the top off of the bottle"; "put the cover back on the kettle")
10. top -- (a garment (especially for women) that extends from the shoulders to the waist or hips; "he stared as she buttoned her top")
11. circus tent, big top, round top, top -- (a canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance; "he was afraid of a fire in the circus tent"; "they had the big top up in less than an hour")

The verb top has 10 senses
1. exceed, transcend, overstep, pass, go past, top -- (be superior or better than some standard; "She exceeded our expectations"; "She topped her performance of last year")
2. clear, top -- (pass by, over, or under without making contact; "the balloon cleared the tree *")
3. top -- (be at the top of or constitute the top or highest point; "A star * the Christmas Tree")
4. lead, top -- (be ahead of others; be the first; "she topped her class every year")
5. top, top out -- (provide with a top or finish the top (of a structure); "the towers were topped with conical roofs")
6. top -- (reach or ascend the top of; "The hikers topped the mountain just before noon")
7. top -- (strike (the top part of a ball in golf, baseball, or pool) giving it a forward spin)
8. top, pinch -- (cut the top off; "top trees and bushes")
9. crown, top -- (be the culminating event; "The speech crowned the meeting")
10. top, top off -- (finish up or conclude; "They topped off their dinner with a cognac"; "top the evening with champagne")

The adj * has 1 sense
1. ace, A-one, crack, first-rate, super, tiptop, topnotch, top-notch, * -- (of the highest quality; "an ace reporter"; "a crack shot"; "a first-rate golfer"; "a super party"; "played top-notch tennis"; "an athlete in tiptop condition"; "she is absolutely *")

The noun * has 5 senses
1. South -- (the region of the United States lying to the * of the Mason-Dixon line)
2. Confederacy, Confederate States, Confederate States of America, South, Dixie, Dixieland -- (the *ern states that seceded from the United States in 1861)
3. *, due *, *ward, S -- (the cardinal compass point that is at 180 degrees)
4. * -- (a location in the *ern part of a country, region, or city)
5. * -- (the direction corresponding to the *ward cardinal compass point)

The adj * has 1 sense
1. * -- (situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the *; "the * entrance")

The adv * has 1 sense
1. *, to the *, in the * -- (in a *ern direction; "we moved *")

The noun store has 4 senses
1. shop, store -- (a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod")
2. store, stock, fund -- (a supply of something available for future use; "he brought back a large store of Cuban cigars")
3. memory, computer memory, storage, computer storage, store, memory board -- (an electronic memory device; "a memory and the CPU form the central part of a computer to which peripherals are attached")
4. storehouse, depot, entrepot, storage, store -- (a depository for goods; "storehouses were built close to the docks")

The verb store has 2 senses
1. store, hive away, lay in, put in, salt away, stack away, stash away -- (keep or lay aside for future use; "store grain for the winter"; "The bear * fat for the period of hibernation when he doesn't eat")
2. store -- (find a place for and put away for storage; "where should we stow the vegetables?"; "I couldn't store all the books in the attic so I sold some")

The noun * has 1 sense
1. torus, * -- (commonly the lowest molding at the base of a column)

The noun tear has 4 senses
1. tear, teardrop -- (a drop of the clear salty saline solution secreted by the lacrimal glands; "his story brought tears to her eyes")
2. rip, rent, snag, split, tear -- (an opening made forcibly as by pulling apart; "there was a rip in his pants"; "she had snags in her stockings")
3. bust, tear, binge, bout -- (an occasion for excessive eating or drinking; "they went on a bust that lasted three days")
4. tear -- (the act of tearing; "he took the manuscript in both hands and gave it a mighty tear")

The noun ore has 2 senses
1. ore -- (a mineral that contains metal that is valuable enough to be mined)
2. ore -- (a monetary subunit in Denmark and Norway and Sweden; 100 ore equal 1 krona)


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