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Prefix is transformice, top level domain is .com

Domain splitted by words: trans TransformSenseSense
Overview of verb transform

The verb transform has 7 senses (first 3 from tagged texts)

1. (14) transform -- (subject to a mathematical transformation)
2. (10) transform, transmute, transubstantiate -- (change or alter in form, appearance, or nature; "This experience transformed her completely"; "She transformed the clay into a beautiful sculpture"; "transubstantiate one element into another")
3. (3) transform, transmute, metamorphose -- (change in outward structure or looks; "He transformed into a monster"; "The salesman metamorphosed into an ugly beetle")
4. translate, transform -- (change from one form or medium into another; "Braque translated collage into oil")
5. transform -- (convert (one form of energy) to another; "transform energy to light")
6. transform -- (change (a bacterial cell) into a genetically distinct cell by the introduction of DNA from another cell of the same or closely related species)
7. transform -- (increase or decrease (an alternating current or voltage))
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Overview of verb form

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Overview of adj formic

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2. formic -- (of or containing or derived from formic acid)

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