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Status of ymail-yahoo.com is unexplored. This usually means that the domain in the dark.

Domain name splitted by words: ymail YahooSenseSense

The noun * has 3 senses
1. yokel, rube, hick, *, hayseed, bumpkin, chawbacon -- (a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture)
2. Yahoo -- (one of a race of brutes resembling men but subject to the Houyhnhnms in a novel by Jonathan Swift)
3. Yahoo -- (a widely used search engine for the web that finds information, news, images, products, finance)

The noun * has 5 senses
1. * -- (the bags of letters and packages that are transported by the postal service)
2. *, * service, postal service, post -- (the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office; "the * handles billions of items every day"; "he works for the United States * service"; "in England they call * `the post'")
3. * -- (a conveyance that transports the letters and packages that are conveyed by the postal system)
4. *, post -- (any particular collection of letters or packages that is delivered; "your * is on the table"; "is there any post for me?"; "she was opening her post")
5. chain *, ring *, *, chain armor, chain armour, ring armor, ring armour -- ((Middle Ages) flexible armor made of interlinked metal rings)

The verb * has 2 senses
1. *, get off -- (send via the postal service; "I'll * you the check tomorrow")
2. *, post, send -- (cause to be directed or transmitted to another place; "send me your latest results"; "I'll * you the paper when it's written")


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    • md2: 4c0a07985f8e543b765bc88357b0dfd2
    • md4: 87d47d491c8242474a0214cc01e77025
    • md5: 981646b8b0abf5c889710ae780e6e8d5
    • sha1: b5cf1235f70a7eb31a27a37931e2a106fd645517
    • sha224: 4c642bb3a5a711c149facf9a4ec2da05ad27b85a160ee41763dfb613
    • sha256: 119f731fd2b472698d0fcd9f6d0859a62ebd2088432a6b69e9b495825ad07f34
    • sha384: ea443256232c6c797b07c6c79febd3562c39640fa633dd4d6e466b3cadedc33e958a11e4102547ef8d35427f2ec90337
    • sha512: ed4dc9aef55b9c95ad315fdc147c9b739451103ddbccab693dd588df42829af2e4e830ab1623639809ed9ca479d43b81052d1a3df5f7ea58d0fd88ead0a1144a
    • ripemd128: bb209d2efbb30bb325eed5e6b87f4c4c
    • ripemd160: 389f8f55f98fa9e3d5385fda36a47633ac53ce29
    • ripemd256: dc04bf93a323fe7a61e9b687d85052bbca04ad23e0a156ce51b29babe30f2f86
    • ripemd320: 9d2a35320ada2e247cbe6ee9a53b7109c0daba9b68b54371d2425e2412863313511edb313dfd99e7
    • whirlpool: b51017bb234680cd1769466f422cd45ba2fd30de8345edef48357171c3e9780de428b13763dd1710efa417b2e016f4da9bd10cbe31ef03f84982b055ac0f1ea5
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    • gost: 003c22aad37c8bdceba639b018e8a2399c96a7b47663b6319bfc8028ff71ada2
    • adler32: 2f6d05d7
    • crc32: 4525b1d7
    • crc32b: dbeba548
    • fnv132: ab9e6b85
    • fnv164: 80c90560dd512705
    • joaat: 202f259b
    • haval128,3: fae3b9bbfb241406442bbec9f666258d
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    • haval160,5: 2dd0e504fe392be1f6c63d056a5ecfaecaf72f5a
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    • haval256,5: ad2149d9c1fb491050cb4ce0263ef5928148497c09794cdd243371524987751b

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