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Hosted in 20146 United States VA Ashburn by Amazon.com

Domain splitted by words: TubeSenseSense
Overview of noun tube

The noun tube has 5 senses (first 3 from tagged texts)

1. (26) tube, tubing -- (conduit consisting of a long hollow object (usually cylindrical) used to hold and conduct objects or liquids or gases)
2. (7) tube, vacuum tube, thermionic vacuum tube, thermionic tube, electron tube, thermionic valve -- (electronic device consisting of a system of electrodes arranged in an evacuated glass or metal envelope)
3. (1) pipe, tube -- (a hollow cylindrical shape)
4. tube, tube-shaped structure -- ((anatomy) any hollow cylindrical body structure)
5. metro, tube, underground, subway system, subway -- (an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city); "in Paris the subway system is called the `metro' and in London it is called the `tube' or the `underground'")

Overview of verb tube

The verb tube has 4 senses (no senses from tagged texts)

1. tube -- (provide with a tube or insert a tube into)
2. tube -- (convey in a tube; "inside Paris, they used to tube mail")
3. tube -- (ride or float on an inflated tube; "We tubed down the river on a hot summer day")
4. tube -- (place or enclose in a tube)

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    • yotube.com. 299 IN A
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    • yotube.com. 3599 IN NS ns4.domainmanager.com.
    • yotube.com. 299 IN A
    • yotube.com. 299 IN A
    • yotube.com. 3599 IN NS ns3.domainmanager.com.

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    • sha1: b778d3171aa28357fe91e441efc9aceddab5af2f
    • sha224: 55f6770a624e2f705a84c2194320b3034260ff37c21099019c3a3f6c
    • sha256: 87cbf790547b88b0cd3ae0247e51909ebfd16ef50f6c029979fc27dc534ef90d
    • sha384: 42ee6e688858c058f6d8662f676d539ad00214d161b3cbc7bf37bd198653238ef21d060cd4130689dccae4876b3abe33
    • sha512: c663034707beacf8da2bccd00b8edd9adcd292f8d5c3c94d69cf74ccba7c7b8ad605e04d9e6a9c7ff57eeb29ebe0944702a1df1bf2c52ead8477aa290fc7f282
    • ripemd128: b123813c2b46ad548c3aa2807bf6c081
    • ripemd160: de7137d9916fdb3dd7ecc2a2acd282fc7fb10822
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    • gost: 14e1913041cd47c0d19dd929876b0404906df82f187c65175c72fb705d817258
    • adler32: 16ef0406
    • crc32: a8893de9
    • crc32b: 33b27922
    • fnv132: 5f6ed5d6
    • fnv164: 2e78113384cd4776
    • joaat: e8380444
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